TrainSharp cycle Coaching – Centre of Excellence “Probably the strongest and most able team around” – Jon Sharples & Sean Yates

Russell Downing

We are really pleased to add Russell Downing to our Trainsharp rider endorsements.

First some words from Jon,

“As a cyclist and as a coach there are always riders you really admire. Russell Downing was one of those riders for me. I just loved the way he raced with so much grit and determination.

So, as you can imagine it was a real honour when Russell asked me to help him towards some big goals that he had for the 2014 racing season.

Russell’s 4th place in the Commonwealth games was a massive highlight for all of us and I am really looking forward to supporting Russell with coaching and training ideas throughout the 2015 season”.

And here is what Russell had to say…

I have ridden for 12 teams since turning Pro with Linda McCartney back at the start of the millennium!

This year I will riding for my 13th team, Cult Energy Pro Cycling. I have had many highs and also a few lows as you can expect.

Cycling is like a roller coaster both on and off the bike. Over the years I have learnt about all aspects of the sport and the human body, you never stop learning especially if you experiment and listen to others.

Sean Yates is somebody I definitely listen to. Sean doesn’t say a great deal but when he speaks you listen because when it comes to cycling he just makes sense.

I was extremely fortunate to have Sean as my Director Sportive at Linda McCartney, then Sky Pro Cycling and again in 2014 when I rode for NFTO Pro Cycling.

Having Sean as DS at NFTO came with an added bonus in that he introduced me to Jon at TrainSharp.

I ended up building a very good and close working relationship with Jon. I have been cycling for a long time and have had input from countless experts in the field so I like to think I know what to do when it comes to training and racing.

Jon did not turn my world of training upside down which was good as it was the last thing I would have wanted. In many ways I prefer the old school approach of just riding your bike for hours and not concerning myself with numbers.

What I really liked about Jon was that he was happy for me to do this, but at the same time questioned if some of the rides added any value to my fitness. Over a period of months we added some specific sessions which Jon believed would help me with some of my bigger targets for the year.

I had fantastic legs in the Commonwealth Games and ultimately the race was just about strength and survival, racing exactly as I like it.

Just want to say a big thanks Jon, I’ve learnt loads from you and Trainsharp.