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About SRM Powermeters

SRM Power Meters

The SRM Training System has become the ‘Gold’ standard equipment for power measurement amongst the world's leading professionals in cycling and triathlon.

Training with power has changed the face of professional cycling training dramatically in the last two decades.

National teams, sport universities, coaches and all recreational athletes who take training seriously use SRM.... find out more

Something about us

about us

trainSharp is a UK based cycle coaching company set up by Jon Sharples.
Together in partnership with Sean Yates their coaching strategies make for a formidable team. find out more

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At TrainSharp Cycle Coaching we only sell SRM power meters because we know they are the best. This means we can provide the best technical support to our customers. We believe in the importance of providing a friendly and informative service, helping you to find the correct model to suit your budget and personal targets.

Why SRM?

SRM sets the standard for power measurement with over 25yrs of refinement and experience.  
SRM is the only power measurement company to display direct and real time calibration and offset frequency information for the user.
SRM works with Vishay Micro Measurements (Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.) the world’s leader in measurement technology, designing custom strain gauges, which increase each unit’s measurement precision.
Improved strain gage design, circuit components & manufacturing process has yielded an improved accuracy of <1.5%, raising the bar yet again for power meters!

Buying a power meter is an investment

Used correctly it will allow you to avoid wasted training time. If you are serious or want to optimize your training ,before throwing all your money at new equipment consider investing in a power meter. A new set of wheels or a bike will make you go faster only once. By investing in you - the rider - you will continue to go faster! if cycling was easy everyone would do it!

Sean Yates

One of Britain’s biggest names in cycling and current director at Sky Procycling is a friend and associate of TrainSharp. This means that we can keep abreast of the most up to date training techniques used within the professional peloton.

We’re endorsed!

By the SRM Academy in Germany and the Fokus: Diagnostik German provider of SRM training seminars and workshops.

How else can TrainSharp help?

Once you have purchased your power meter our service is here to provide any advice or support you may need with regards to its installation, set-up, use or maintenance.

TrainSharp Cycle Coaching can offer fitness testing to establish personal landmarks and advise on training methods and zones. Three levels of coaching package are also available. Click here for more information on our training packages. If you wish to discuss your options don’t hesitate to contact us on: 01892 457 010 or email us