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About TrainSharp

trainSharp is a UK based cycle coaching company set up by Jon Sharples.

trainSharp have a wealth of knowledge and highly experience in the field of power based training plans.

Power training is redefining the way we train on the bike. While heart rate training is effective POWER provides structure , the data one can obtain from power training is extraordinary.

Power data is constant, predictable and repeatable. The top professional riders in the world train with power now, and this technology is available and is useful to everyday cyclists.

If you are serious or want to optimize your training , before throwing all your money at new equipment consider investing in a power meter - and start getting better results.  A new set of wheels or a bike will make you go faster only once. By investing in you - the rider - you will continue to go faster!

If you need someone to explain the intricacies let us advise.

trainSharp offer coaching packages with a new purchased of SRM TRAINING SYSTEMS : call or email for details

“World class Cycle Coaching Plans for the novice or Elite cyclist. Managed by the strongest and most able team around"