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Campagnolo 11 Speed

Campagnolo 11 Speed

SRM Campagnolo 4 branch 11 speed PowerMeter.

The new version of the SRM Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque Carbon 11 Speed Chainset uses a 4 arm spider design which makes for one single crankarm for all chainring options thanks to its unified bolt pattern. The new bolt pattern allows for all 3 chainring standards 53/39, 52/36 and 50/34 to be built upon the same crankset.

Changing between compact and standard is now as easy as changing 8 bolts and two chainrings. While the new 4-arm bolt pattern makes for a much more practical design that offers the cyclist a more versatile component, the Campy Tech Lab was dedicated primarily on increasing performance characteristics.

The new design incorporates a 8 bolt pattern with a spider arm design that not only holds the chainring in place by way of the bolt but also supports the chainring and in doing so, increases system rigidity. In addition to completely redesigning the spider, Campagnolo engineers dedicated a great deal of energy towards a completely new crankarm that is a great deal stiffer than previous versions.

Add this new highly rigid crankarm to the new four-arm spider design and you have a complete crankset that not only excels at transferring power more than any previous version but one that is also more versatile with respect to gearing.  

Compatible with PowerControl 7, PowerControl 8 and PowerControl VI and all other Ant+ head units.

Q-Factor: 145.5 mm

ANT+ Sport

Battery Life:1900 hours. This PowerMeter is also available as a rechargeable unit. 

Warranty: 3 Year World-Wide

Accuracy: ±1% (Scientifically Proven)

Total Weight: 782 grams

Rechargeable Option
Crank Length
Chainring Combination