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Rotor 3D

The Rotor 3D road crank is extremely stiff to meet the demands of sprinters but also lightweight to satisfy the needs of climbers. 8 strain gauges guarantee the familiar SRM high accuracy and reliability.
ROTOR utilizes a special manufacturing process, named the "Trinity Drilling System". It is a unique triple hollow crank arm that enables the removal of the excess aluminum in the core while still maintaining the structural strength of the crank.

Crank: Rotor 3D Standard
Cranks are available in lengths of between 170 - 175mm

Bolt Circle Diameters and Chainrings: 
Standard (130mm): 53/39 chainrings or Compact (110mm): 50/34 chainrings

Other chain ring combinations and Q-Rings are available at an extra charge

Important Note: the PowerMeter is supplied with round rings (non Q) and not Q rings as shown within the image 

Bottom Bracket: Rotor BB1 steel (weight: 92 g)

Weight: 912g with crank, chain rings and bottom bracket (92 g)

Strain Gauges: 8

Wireless Protocol: Wireless ANT+ Sport

Accuracy: +/- 1% (Scientifically Proven)

Battery Life: 1900 hours of use

Q-Factor: 147mm

Warranty: 3 Years World-Wide

Compatible with PowerControl 7, PowerControl 8 and PowerControl VI and all other Ant+ head units. 

Bolt Circle Diameters
Crank Length
Decal Number (see image)