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The PowerMeter used by Lance Armstrong and Team RadioShack is now available to consumers. Pair your SRM wireless PowerMeter with SRAM’s professional-grade unidirectional carbon crankarms for a lightweight and efficient setup that works perfectly with SRAM component groups.

The PowerMeter is available in two different versions:  SRAM GXP Team bottom bracket and SRAM BB30 bottom bracket.

Both of the above are also available in compact (110mm) or standard (130mm) Bolt Circle Diamters 

Crank: SRAM S975 GXP Standard or SRAM S975 BB30 Standard
Cranks are available in lengths of 170, 172.5, 175 and 177.5mm

Bolt Circle Diameters and Chainrings: 
Standard (130mm): 53/39 chainrings or Semi-Compact (110/130mm): 50/34 chainring

Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP Team (116 g) or SRAM BB30 (64 g) are not included in the scope of the delivery.

SRAM S975 GXP Standard 922 g with PowerMeter, cranks, chain rings and bottom bracket (116 g)
SRAM S975 BB30 Standard 868 g with PowerMeter, cranks, chain rings and bottom bracket (64 g)

Strain Gauges: 8

Cadence Range: 30-255 rpm

Wattage Range: 0-4096 Watts

Wireless Protocol: Wireless ANT+ Sport

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Battery Life: 1400 hours of use

Q-Factor: 145 mm (incl. 1.6 mm pedal washers)

Compatible with PowerControl 7, PowerControl 8 and PowerControl VI and all other Ant+ head units. 

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