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SRM Ergometer Deposit Price

SRM Ergometer Deposit Price

The SRM Ergometer with integrated SRM Training System brings the highest level of sports performance measurement to the laboratory or university setting. Each SRM ErgoMeter is tested, calibrated and certified for protocol measurements with data accuracy with less than 0.5% error.

Fully adjustable saddle position and handlebars, can be adjusted to any position for cyclists of between 140 and 200 cm.

Individually adjustable crank length from 160mm-180mm.

Robust design allowing a stable base for highly-accurate measurements and years of reliable, consistent use.

Large flywheel masses that simulate kinetic energy and the sensation of cycling at high speeds realistically and which can be adjusted to the athlete’s weight to allow the maximum simulation of real conditions.

Two different operational modes that can be programmed freely by the user for Isokenetic and Hyperbolic Modes.

Each SRM ErgoMeter uses the SRM Online option showing planned and actual real-time data on separate display screens for immediate rider feedback.

Braking power from 20 up to 4,200 watts.

Each component of the SRM Ergometer system can be ordered to custom standards depending on your custom needs.

The price shown reflects the deposit price.

Please contact us for exact requirements and pricing