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SRM Indoortrainer

SRM Indoortrainer

Optimal training conditions even off the track.
If you want to start the season off in top condition, you cannot take a break in winter. SRM has reacted to the many enquiries it has received and has developed a revolutionary indoor trainer. In so doing we have not followed in the tracks of existing products but have approached the topic consistently from a very different angle of our own.

We brought out a device that has already received best marks in tests: the new Indoor Trainer was developed with the needs of professional cyclists in mind who need to train with a high degree of accuracy – but amateurs will also be able develop their skills on the SRM Indoor Trainer!

  • Fully adjustable: saddle position and handlebars can be adjusted to any position for cyclists of between 165 and 200 cm – from a racing position down to a relaxed upright position.
  • A eight-gear Nexus hub allowing quick changes between different levels of resistance for a wide range of kinetic energy at any cadence.
  • Resistance can be changed quickly for short intervals of high power output. With the standard chainring (53 cogs) max power with 40 rpm is 450 watts and 1,400 watts with 120 rpm. With a bigger chainring even higher power output is possible.
  • Robust but attractive TIG-welded steel design (weight: 54.9 kg) providing a stable base for training and years of reliable use.
  • Large flywheel mass (23.5 kg) that simulates kinetic energy realistically giving you the "sensation” of riding at a high speed.
  • Online option showing planned and actual real-time data on a PC screen.
  • Wide power range of the magnetic brakes which are immune to wear and tear: from 20 to 2,500 watts.
  • High-quality saddle and handlebar clip (Trainer is delivered without pedals).
  • Software is available for downloading on this page.
  • The Indoor Trainer is available with the all SRM Training Systems (except MTB, Cannondale and Specialized). A second speedpod, cadence magnet and handlebar clip are delivered to allow a quick change of the SRM Training System from the Indoortrainer to your bike.
  • Colours: black, blue or red.

Impressive Sprinting Quality
The SRM Indoor Trainer got top marks – 5 stars – in all categories. This put the device in top position in the test. The testers were particularly impressed by the sprint quality of the SRM Indoor Trainer: " …outstanding properties of the device are the professional SRM measurement technology in the crank set plus the top braking power of 2,500 watts.”

Praise was loud for the eight-gear nexus hub in the flywheel – so important for professionals – with which it is possible to change quickly and accurately between the different levels of resistance. Practical, too: the power measurement is not restricted to the floor-mounted device alone because the cranks can be removed easily and mounted onto a road bicycle.

The Tour testers’ conclusion: "Measurement technology instead of animation - a training machine uncompromisingly in line with the needs of professionals.”

PLEASE NOTE: This price shown is for the bike itself. Contact us to enquire about the cost of the bike with an SRM system (crank PowerMeter and PowerControl Unit).