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SRM PowerControl 7

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SRM PowerControl 7

The PowerControl 7 displays real-time data, and stores the wirelessly transmitted data of your SRM-PowerMeter as well as your speed- and heart rate pod for later review and download. In addition to power and cadence it also measures energy consumption, speed, distance, heart rate, altitude and temperature.

Power and cadence are transmitted via ANT+Sport protocol, heart rate and speed via ANT or ANT+Sport protocol. All of the information is displayed after each crank revolution and is saved in intervals which can be set individually. You can choose between intervals of 0.5 up to 5 seconds.

You can download and analyze the data with the SRM Win Software or WKO 3.0 (Windows), Powercoach or Trainingpeaks.com (Windows and Mac). Besides SRM Win, a wide variety of Software to analyze your training and race data is available (e.g. WKO 3.0, TrainingPeaks, Powercoach, Golden Cheetah, 2Peak, Trainingstagebuch.org).

The PC 7 is slipped onto a handlebar mounted bracket, and can therefore be removed easily.
A housing made of highly shock-resistant plastic has been developed to ensure that the PC 7 is extremely durable. This housing is available in various colors.

With the new PowerControl 7 the SRM Training System is even more rider-friendly. In the past attaching the PowerControl perfectly on time trial bars was very difficult.
With the new PC 7 this is not an issue anymore, it is 18 millimeters narrower and 18 grams lighter than the PC VI.

We have changed the battery - the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery lasts now 120 hours of use or 120 days standby - as well as the plug for charging and downloading - a Mini-USB connects to the computer or the charger.

An additional feature is the built-in motion-sensor to switch on the PowerControl 7 automatically when you start riding.

We kept the strengths of the PowerControl VI - the crisp and clearly legible display, the simple menu navigation, and the memory capacity which is enough to store 130 hours of riding with the memory set at 1-second intervals.

Technical Data:

Real Time Display:  
Power [W], Cadence [rpm]
Speed [mph/kph], Heart Rate [bpm]
Energy [kJ], Training Zones, Intervals
Temperature [F/C], Altitude [m/ft]
Ride Time, Daytime Clock
Average and maximum of each value.
Wireless Protocol:   ANT+Sport, ANT
Interval of Storage:   0,5-5 seconds
Memory:   130 Hours (@ 1 second interval)
Battery Life:   120 Hours - Li-Polymer battery (rechargeable)
Dimensions:   W 62 mm x H 65 mm x D 20.25 mm
Weight:   58 g
Downloadable:   Yes, via integrated Mini-USB interface
Software Compatibility:   SRMWin Software and Training Peaks WKO+ (Windows), TrainingPeaks.com (Windows and MAC)
Device Compatibility:   SRM Wireless PowerMeter
ANT and ANT+Sport: Heart Rate Straps, Speed pods or skewers, Cadence pods
ANT+Sport: combined Cadence and Speed pods
Additional Features:   Built-in motion sensor (will turn unit on automatically when start riding)


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