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SRM Science Track

SRM Science Track

The SRM Science Track PowerMeter was designed to be the pinnacle of precise power measurement in the sport of track cycling. Track cycling has always been a focus for SRM, due to the detailed nature of specific training intervals as well as the close timing of competition to the thousandth of a second. In Track cycling 1 watt truly matters between victory and missing the podium!

Reinforced to allow for sprinting forces up to 4000 watts, the SRM Science Track is built to measure the most extreme forces, as well as the most subtle changes in a cyclist’s pedal stroke. Capable of accepting multiple chainring sizes without need for recalibration. The SRM Science Track PowerMeter version is available for Octa-link bottom brackets with a dual 144 BCD, for threaded or two piece chain ring screws. 

Weight 738 grams 
Materials 7075 Aluminium Crank Arms
ChainRings Chainrings Not Included
BCD 144 mm
Crank Lengths 165, 167, 170, 172, 175, 177, 180

Compatible with PowerControl 7, PowerControl 8 and PowerControl VI and all other Ant+ head units. 

Crank Length