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Shimano XT

Seamless Shimano MTB Drivetrain Integration

With many XC and endurance race courses remaining the same from year to year, having a power meter equipped bike allows the racer to record the specific demands needed to race a particular event. This allows the racer to tailor his or her training more specifically at critical time periods throughout the training season leading to goal events from which data was recorded in a previous season. Knowing how many accelerations, length and duration of climbs as well as average power for a certain event can completely reshape the parameters of the typical training program.

The SRM XT PowerMeter was designed for the racer wanting to take his or her performance to new heights and is avaialable in 1x11 or 2 x 10 speed

The SRM XT PowerMeter has been rigorously tested across the globe to ensure maximum weatherproofing and durability both on the trail and race course. The SRM XT  PowerMeter has 950 hours of battery life and carries an accuracy rating of 99%!

Technical data Crank

WEIGHT 705 grams
MATERIALS Shimano XT Forged Aluminium Crank Arms
BCD 104 mm or 120/80 mm

Crank Length
Chainring Combination