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Why Buy SRM

There’s a good reason why you see an SRM on every pro’s bike, just flick though the nearest cycling magazine to see an SRM power control mounted on a riders handle bars!

SRM (the original power meter) as a company, now have 25yrs of engineering development, - significantly longer than any other power meter brand.

No other company has refined its longevity and accuracy standards quite as well.

SRM has relatively few compatibility issues and most of their units will work on the vast majority of frames available today.

To date, SRM remains the gold standard that all other power meter systems are judged. The level of accuracy, refinement of design, low incidence of failure and strong support structure combined with few compromises in regards to component and frame compatibility continues to keep SRM at the forefront of power meter technology decades later.

SRM was also smart enough to recognize that power meter users like to use the very best shifting and lightest cranks and they have integrated SRM systems into modern cranks made by top drivetrain companies like Shimano, SRAM and FSA.

The new SRM PowerControl 7 is even more powerful and more compact (making it better suited for aerobar use) and offering significantly greater battery life.

SRM’s software has been developed over decades and it is amazingly polished, if not slightly over engineered. SRM software allows you to break down many variables of your ride data and offers powerful graphing, sorting and comparaitive functions.

Why do i need an SRM?..........

Investing in you the rider means you will continue to go faster – a new bike or wheels will give you that improvement only once!

Using a power meter every second of every ride offers data points for analysis. Plotting them and tracking them over time will see trends in your power throughout the season and from season to season. - Nothing motivates like you progress and a SRM power meter definitely indicates how well your training is progressing - simply knowing your power capabilities can drastically affect the efficency of your training plan.

1) SRM allows you to learn more about yourself

Power meters give you a second-by-second record of wattage, heart rate, speed and cadence; they mark out intervals and assess time in each training zone both on the move and back at home.

The heart rate may be influenced by a variety of factors (core temperature, air temperature, quality of sleep, stress, nutrition). Therefore there may be days when your heart rate is telling you to slow down whereas your power meter is telling you to increase your wattage.

Using a power meter makes it possible to analyze the data from your race to understand why you dropped. For instance, thanks to your power meter, you may discover that your capacity to achieve the right wattage is less at a lower cadence or that you use too much energy or that you need to take a rest to avoid overtraining. As a result you can change your training schedule accordingly and improve your capacity and skills to produce the right wattage at the right time.

Research has revealed that those who win in Road Racing actually pedal less than the others to conserve their energy but develop higher wattage at the right moment.

A power meter helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by identifying your cyclist profile. Finding the answers to those questions is much better than guessing… that will harm your capacity to improve.

2) SRM provides you with a greater interaction with your coach

Working with a power meter will improve communication with your coach because it clarifies your situation regarding your fitness and confirms if you are performing your workouts correctly. It adds extra “accountability” to your efforts because it virtually means that you will have your coach with you on every ride. Knowing that your coach will receive an email with your power file detailing how strong you performed, can give you the mental and physical strength to continue when your muscles and lungs hurt but your power and heart rates are stable.

3) SRM optimizes training

Working with a power meter eliminates guesswork and wasted time. Viewing the wattage figures on the screen in front of you can help motivate you for the tiny extra effort that gains a higher fitness level more rapidly and limits the number of wasted miles.

A great tool to pace your efforts, a power meter provides you with the threshold you need to stay beneath to protect you from exhaustion.

Working with a power meter is particularly useful with an Indoor Trainer since Indoor workout data is not polluted by changes in terrain, hills, dogs, traffic lights and so on. You can optimize the improvement by working the intervals in the exact wattage targets for the exact planned time. You can even upload and re-create a racecourse indoors