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It is important when choosing a cycling coach that you have confidence in their methods and the results that can be achieved.

trainSharp cycle coaching has a number of satisfied clients both professional and amateur that have been kind enough to share their thoughts about our service.

Please take your time to read our Testimonial and Endorsements

Adam Blythe

Adam is one of Britain's leading road riders. Adam has been the British Elite Road Race Champion and has races for World Tour teams such as Tinkoff Pro Cycling Team alongside World Champion Peter Sagan.

Some words from Adam...

Although I am still young I have been a Pro for a number of years. Having raced in Belgium and ridden with Philippe Gilbert at BMC, I thought I knew most things about training and how to prepare for specific goals and targets.

I am the first to admit that I have never been very good at following a program and often prefer to do my own thing. So when I joined NFTO Pro-Cycling last year and heard we had coaching from Jon and Trainsharp it didn’t really mean a great deal to me.

Initially we spoke on the phone a few times and I though ok Jon has some good ideas but that was about as far as it went. Then the racing started in the UK and I realised what I had been previously doing in training did not suit the UK scene. I was not performing as I wanted and could not see a clear way forward.

Sean Yates took me to one side and we had a really good and frank discussion about my future as a bike rider. Sean said I should really give Jon and Trainsharp a chance and follow their guidance.

Well you can’t really ignore Sean so I got back in contact with Jon and I am really happy that I did.

Jon and Trainsharp have a unique way of delivering advice and training sessions that really suited me, they were able to adapt to my needs and I became more open to trying new things as a result.

The “Prudential Ride London-Surrey Classic” was my big goal of the year. I knew it would put me back on the map if I could achieve a good result so I worked closely with Jon to ensure I arrived at the race in the best shape possible.

The day was super tough but I arrived at the finish fresh enough to really think about my tactics in the final km.

The rest as they say is history…

Amy Forshaw

Amy is a Professional Triathlete who races with great success in Ironmans & 70.3 events as well as the odd Duathlon (Amy finished 3rd in the 2013 British Duathlon Championships) and Time-Trial...

Amy has recently added 1st place in Iron Man Wales (which is often referred to as one of the hardest Ironman races in the world) to her ever growing Palmares.

Some words from Amy....

It was a couple of years ago when I first contacted Trainsharp as I needed my SRM battery changing and re-calibrating. I received an excellent service and from that point Jon and the team have been extremely supportive. They have helped me with bike fits, bike maintenance and fitness testing.

The 2013 UK Ironman was my first Ironman and Jon's advice on pacing was really helpful and really helped my result where I came third women overall.

This year I had a big crash and destroyed my bike. Jon spent a lot of time with me working out what bike frames would fit me best (given I am a small woman). This advice was invaluable in ensuring that I bought a frame that could be made to optimise my position on the bike.

I will be taking part in a more time trials next season because I believe this will improve my cycling a great deal for Triathlons. I am really looking forward to working with the Trainsharp team to help me get even faster and more efficient on the bike.

Bronwen Ewing

Bronwen is a Trainee Biomedical scientist and who rides for TrainsharpRT.

Jon has coached Bronwen for the last three seasons (this being her fourth season under Trainsharp’s guidance).

Some words below from Bronwen...

In my first year of Time-Trialling I decided to coach myself. Blessed with very little in the common sense department I finished the season totally exhausted and frustrated at the lack of improvement and results.

Jon is well known and respected within the local Time-Trial community and I decided to contact him. Although a little sceptical at first I immediately saw big improvements, for a lot less training time.

Jon and his team provide an individual service .....up to date with all the current developments and a great understanding of the science behind them. I firmly believe that from a training perspective one shoe does not fit all.....physiology is individual.

Trainsharp have the expertise to interpret and tweak your training to get the best results. The Trainsharp team has expanded quite a bit this year supporting an already well established and successful coaching team.

This is my fourth season with Jon at Trainsharp ....I would never in my wildest dreams have believed it possible to have made the improvements that I’ve made ..... a top coach !!!!....and one of the kindest people I know...

Please see below for Bronwen’s National Time-Trial results:

2011 National 24 Time-Trial Champion
2012 2nd National 100 Time-Trial
2012 4th British Time Trial Champs
2013 2nd National 100 Time-Trial
2013 National Team Time-Trial Champion
2013 National 10 mile Time-Trial Team Prize
2013 5th National 50 mile Time-Trial
2014 National 100 mile Time-Trial Champion
2014 National 100 mile Time-Trial Team Prize
2014 3rd National Team Time-Trial
2014 3rd National 50 mile Time-Trial
2014 National 50 mile Time-Trial Team Prize
2014 2nd National 10 mile Time-Trial
2014 National 10 mile Time-Trial Team Prize

Other notable results:
2011 Bronwen shared the podium with Dame Sarah Storey at the Blenheim Palace Time-Trial
2013 placed 4th in the Duo Normand two up with Keeley Chalk

Doug Dewey

Some words from Doug...

In 2011 I was struggling with over-training, under-performing, and generally losing my love for the bike because I was getting a kicking too regularly. Jon gave me focus, explained the theory behind the training and made me believe in myself and what we are doing together.

Within a few months I had won the National U23 TT by over a minute and since then I've continued a pretty constant trend of physical progression.

Jon and the team are incredibly supportive. They have plenty of knowledge and experience, but more than this they know how to proactively use it and engage you as a rider and a person.

When you lose sight of the bigger picture having TrainSharp looking over you and keeping you on track is invaluable.

With Sean Yates on board Trainsharp have many European and world contacts amongst amateur and Pro teams. If you want to follow a Pro career path then Trainsharp are definitely for you.

Please see below for an overview of Doug’s Palmarès:

1st, Fleche de Locmine Elite National
1st, Plages Vendeennes, Bretignolles-sur-Mer Elite National
3rd, Nantes Segre Elite National
14th, Plages Vendeennes, Landeronde-Venansault Elite National
15th, GP d'Aix Elite National

1st, Ronde Finisterienne St Evarzec
1st, GP Lorient
1st, Stage 1, Tour du Pays de Lesneven
1st, Overall, Fleche d'Armor
1st, Stage 2 (TT), Fleche d'Armor
1st, Etoile de Tressignaux
1st, South Downs Bikes Time Trial (new course record)
2nd, Ronde Finisterienne no. 3
2nd, Plougoumelen 2/3/J
2nd, Camors Interclub
3rd, National 10 mile TT
3rd, Stage 2 (TT), Tour des Deux Sevres
4th, National Time Trial Championships
6th, Stage 3, Fleche d'Armor
6th, Concarneau Demi-Nocturne
8th, Route Breton Elite National
9th, Grand Prix U Elite National
10th, Overall, Tour des Deux Sevres

Holly Lawrence

Under trainSharp's coaching and guidance Holly won the 2016 70.3 Ironman World Championships.

Some words from Holly...

I contacted Trainsharp because of their known and respected reputation in cycle coaching. I also wanted to start training with Power and knew SRM's were the Gold Standard so it made sense to use Trainsharp for both coaching and my Powermeter.

Trainsharp provide in depth support with coaching, training plans, testing, and with their wealth of experience and knowledge in cycling I am very lucky to be working with them. I have not been with Trainsharp for long but there is already a huge difference to my cycle training, being more structured and specific which helped me to become World 70.3 Champion in 2016

James Shaw

For 2014 James rode as a Junior for Haribo Beacon Cycling Team and was without doubt one of Great Britain’s brightest young prospects.

James’s talents have been widely recognised across Europe and for 2015 James has been signed up by one of biggest U23 Cycling Teams in the world - Lotto Belisol.

Some words from James...

My DS at Haribo Beacon recommended Trainsharp to me at the end of the 2013 season.

Trainsharp trained me hard over the winter but ensured I did not overtrain at any point.
Since being under their guidance I have produced my best ever results including winning the 2014 Junior Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

The results that I have achieved this year led to me being contacted and signing for Lotto Belisol U23 for the 2015 season.

Please see below for an overview of James’s 2014 Palmarès

1st Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne UCI 1.1

1st Cadence; National Series Round 1

1st Tour of the Mendips; National Series Round 2

1st CiCLE Classic; National Series Round 3

2nd KOM’s Course de la Paix Nations Cup (Peace Race)

2nd Loughboro’ University; National Series Round 5

1st Het Neiuwblad UCI 1.1

1st Rekkem 1.14

2nd Haringe 1.14

Mark McNally

Mark is a British cyclist riding for the AN Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly Team. Mark is based in Belgium but still competes in the UK from time to time.

Mark has recently come to the attention of the UK audience with his exceptional break away rides in the Tour of Britain which led to him holding the King of the Mountains Jersey.

Some words from Mark (before his exceptional ride in the 2014 Tour of Britain) ...
I spent a long time just trying to race myself fit. To make the next step I wanted to take a more organised and intelligent approach to my training.

I have only been with Trainsharp for a short while and only done two races since starting to work with them. I'm now more at ease mentally as I know that I am properly prepared for my racing.

Like most cyclists I want to get the most out of myself but I lack the knowledge and the organisational skills. trainSharp gave the tools and interpretation to help me get more out of myself

Matt Prior

Matt represents England in Test cricket and plays domestic cricket for Sussex.

Some of Matt’s proudest achievements have been to play in both of the Ashes series that England have won- at home in 2009 and away in 2010/11.

Matt found that cycling really complemented his cricketing fitness and got in touch with Trainsharp to purchase a new SRM PowerMeter and to arrange some fitness testing.

Some words from Matt...

After going up for testing and fitting etc it was clear the guys at Trainsharp were not only expert in what they were doing but hugely passionate about cycling and helping you hit your goals whatever they may be.

I used Trainsharp for a training programme before the Ashes tour 2013/14 and lost 10kgs in 8 weeks and hit personal bests in all my medical screening tests before that tour ie skinfolds, yoyo test etc...

Jon & the guys at Trainsharp are not just expert in what they do with a great deal of years experience but the thing that sticks out is their genuine passion for getting you to where you want to be whether it's personal fitness goals, beating a TT PB or racing the Tour de France.

Morag McDowall

Morag is Sports Massage Therapist who competes for the GB Age-Group Triathlon Team at World Championship level.

Some words from Morag...

I contacted Trainsharp as my bike was my weak leg in triathlon. I wanted to get better. I needed someone who knew what they were doing. Trainsharp came to me by word of mouth and I liked what I read about them

I have been coached in the past with great success but unfortunately I kept getting ill. In the end I had to walk away from being coached and just get better.

This April I decided to get another coach as I had qualified for the Europeans and needed to again improve the bike to climb the big hills in Kitzbuhel.

This time though I just wanted bike coaching rather than triathlon coaching. It’s really beginning to work out and Jon seems to understand my mind and how to ‘manage me’. I really want him to turn me into a demon biker but it’ll take time.

I find the whole setup of Trainsharp to be very professional. Jon absolutely knows what he’s doing/talking about. I really like that he manages my head as well as my bike training. He’s got one eye on me doing too much too, which I tend to do. He stops me from getting too fatigued. And IT WORKS.

Russell Downing

We are really pleased to add Russell Downing to our Trainsharp rider endorsements.

First some words from Jon,

“As a cyclist and as a coach there are always riders you really admire. Russell Downing was one of those riders for me. I just loved the way he raced with so much grit and determination.

So, as you can imagine it was a real honour when Russell asked me to help him towards some big goals that he had for the 2014 racing season.

Russell’s 4th place in the Commonwealth games was a massive highlight for all of us and I am really looking forward to supporting Russell with coaching and training ideas throughout the 2015 season”.

And here is what Russell had to say…

I have ridden for 12 teams since turning Pro with Linda McCartney back at the start of the millennium!

This year I will riding for my 13th team, Cult Energy Pro Cycling. I have had many highs and also a few lows as you can expect.

Cycling is like a roller coaster both on and off the bike. Over the years I have learnt about all aspects of the sport and the human body, you never stop learning especially if you experiment and listen to others.

Sean Yates is somebody I definitely listen to. Sean doesn’t say a great deal but when he speaks you listen because when it comes to cycling he just makes sense.

I was extremely fortunate to have Sean as my Director Sportive at Linda McCartney, then Sky Pro Cycling and again in 2014 when I rode for NFTO Pro Cycling.

Having Sean as DS at NFTO came with an added bonus in that he introduced me to Jon at TrainSharp.

I ended up building a very good and close working relationship with Jon. I have been cycling for a long time and have had input from countless experts in the field so I like to think I know what to do when it comes to training and racing.

Jon did not turn my world of training upside down which was good as it was the last thing I would have wanted. In many ways I prefer the old school approach of just riding your bike for hours and not concerning myself with numbers.

What I really liked about Jon was that he was happy for me to do this, but at the same time questioned if some of the rides added any value to my fitness. Over a period of months we added some specific sessions which Jon believed would help me with some of my bigger targets for the year.

I had fantastic legs in the Commonwealth Games and ultimately the race was just about strength and survival, racing exactly as I like it.

Just want to say a big thanks Jon, I’ve learnt loads from you and Trainsharp.

Sean Scott

Sean is a world class Duathlete (run/bike/run) and has represented Great Britain on numerous occasion.

One of Sean's biggest results came when he won the Olympic distance Duathlon race during the 2013 Ottawa ITU Duathlon World Championships for the 35-39 age group.

Some words below from Sean...

It is really hard to balance training and fatigue when training for one event it is even harder when training for two. I really felt I needed help in this area so I contacted Trainsharp for help!

Since working with them I have found that my energy levels are more balanced. My harder training sessions are much tougher than I would have thought possible but I am able to complete them as I do not carry the same amount of background fatigue as before.

I used to think I had a good bike position until Jon took a look and said we need to make some changes.

I was a little dubious at first but my new position is definitely more comfortable, my power has increased and my times on the bike are faster.